Avian Pinnacles

The avian pinnacles
stand tall and watch.

church spires and roof peaks,

BB on roof 3
gargoyles and chimney pots,

two on cloudy day 2
antennae and hunkypunks,

Crow  hunkeypunk
reaching beaks upwards
calling and scrawking,

Surley starling
singing and chattering,
songbirds and corvids,

Finch antennae 1   Different two. 2JPG
and those we call nuisance birds,

gull   MOckingbird
large feathered ones and small.

White pigeon on roof peak  Lone sparrow staring

The avian pinnacles
stand tall and watch.

whilst eyeing us,

One a watcher

calling each other
passing the news,
a few acting as sentinels

Jackdaws on spire
silently holding the space
enfolded between the air
and the structures
we build replacing
the great trees once
covering the land.

The avian pinnacles
stand tall and watch.

4 thoughts on “Avian Pinnacles

  1. These are amazing pics. I particularly like the young jackdaws. Of all birds I have found jackdaws and magpies the most keen to be photographed (whilst some avoid it at all costs and I feel impolite doing so!).

    • Thank you. Lorna. Hardest to get are sparrows, they are such feisty and quick little critters. I’ve not managed them very often. Jackdaws are all over the village here and it’s fun to listen to their ‘commute home’ at the end of the day. They must be great storytellers or amazing embellishers of the truth from their perspective or maybe they have incredibly interesting lives they simply must share with each other.

  2. I am loving looking at the different kinds of birds you have in England. sparrows here move very quickly in the same way as their English relatives.

    • Thank you. I don’t always get photos of the really different ones, though I have a couple of English robins that are good, that I’ve shared with you already.

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