Making breakfast for Albert Einstein

This is written by a friend of mine and it made me laugh. Hope you enjoy as well.

Weasel Mornings

‘Fancy a bagel?’ Asks Elsa,
‘Cream cheese and salmon, sliced thin
I made them especially this morning
A good way for your day to begin.’

Albert sighs, and unfolds his napkin.
Tucks it in to his vest like a king
Willing his wife to be silent
He can’t concentrate on a thing.

‘I know they’re your favourite’ Chirps Elsa
‘A full stomach will help you to think
I promise I won’t interrupt you.’
And she busies herself at the sink.

‘Did I tell you I bought a new vacuum?
These carpets have put us to shame!
Do you think you could ask for a pay rise?
After all, money’s better than fame.

The curtains are terribly faded,
And the drains are beginning to smell
The leg of this chair’s a bit wobbly
And the table’s got woodworm as well.’

Albert lowers his eyes to the table
Sees the hole where…

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