The Messages are Clear

I have been reading, or my husband is reading to me (he does in the evening) books that relate to climate changes, earth changes, changes in the movements of peoples related to climate change, life during and after the last glacial maximum, life during the little ice age, life during the Mediaeval warm period, how big business is sabotaging any efforts to control climate change.

The messages are clear.

They cannot be denied or avoided if we are to have any sort of liveable and habitable planet in the next 30, 40, 50 maybe even 20 years now. I am 66 and I will not live to see the worst of what the projected effects will be, but I still care deeply that life remain viable on this amazing planet on which we live. I cannot imagine what life will be like for children born in the last 20 years when they are my age – should they live so long with antibiotic resistance, superbugs, micro-plastics in the food chain, besides climate change.

The messages are clear that things are not good now.

The signs are there for all to see and yet there are those who refuse to admit there is something radically wrong with the way we are exhausting the earth’s resources, at an alarming rate. The signs are there for all to see and yet there are those who refuse to acknowledge that we are abusing our fellow creatures and condemning them to famine, disease, war and extinction. The signs are there for all to see and yet there are those who self-interests and their desire to continue piling up money cause them to ignore what is obvious to those of us who are not so motivated. The signs are there for all to see and yet governments are dragging their heels and burying their heads in the sand in the face of the facts that daily are more and more irrefutable.

The messages are clear that things are not good now, and are set to get a whole lot worse.

Every morning and evening I open my bedroom window when I get out of bed and before I retire for the night. I look at the sunrise. I look at the stars twinkle. I look at the wind ruffling the leaves of the trees. I see bats swooping. I see birds flying. I hear the dawn chorus – solo, duet, trio or choir. I sniff the air and since I live in the country take a deep breath. I reach my hand out if it is raining. I say thank you for the amazing world that I share with all the other precious life forms here.

We cannot run away to another world and think that will make everything all better. Humans are human after all and all of our proclivities will go with us. We will not instantly become creatures who will cease being greedy, cease wanting to exploit resources, cease wanting and thinking we are somehow granted the right to dominate the weaker (be they be human or plant or animal). It may take a long time, but the same problems we have now will manifest sooner or later in any world those with enough resources to flee may colonise. Those with the resources are the ones whose actions in acquiring more resources here are a huge part of the problem now.

The messages are clear that things are not good now, are set to get a whole lot worse, and we cannot run away to another world.

At some point someone has to be the one to say enough is enough. Not in 30 years from now. Not even in 10 years from now. But now. Right now. Someone has to be the first. Someone with real authority, real clout, real power and prestige to back it up. Someone. Some country. The UK where I live is itching to get free trade agreements after Brexit. Free trade means nothing, however, if our food is poisoned or otherwise compromised, if the goods come from places where exploitation of people and resources is rife, if getting cheap is best at all costs. If we do not look at these issues then free trade is going to be way too expensive both the long and short run.

We need to rethink everything. We need to know that our individual actions mean something. That what I can do as one person, what my husband and I can do as a couple means something. Otherwise it is too easy to try, and in the frustration as it all keeps getting worse and worse, just throw up our hands and say why bother.

The messages are clear that things are not good now, are set to get a whole lot worse, and we cannot run away to another world; we need to rethink everything, now.

Time is running out here. The young people are rising up and challenging all of us. We need to listen, not just pat them on the head and tell them we admire them and carry on doing all the things that are wrecking their and our world.

Strike for the Climate. Act for the climate. Change for the Climate.


One thought on “The Messages are Clear

  1. Thank you so much for this prayer and meditation, your call to listening once more with our inner ears. Corona is a mirror showing us the ragged and scrawny world that we have created.

    The clapping on a Thursday eve is a cry from the heart that many now begin to express, if with timidity. They see the state – so totally focussed upon and obsessed with notions of economy and independence – has shriveled its heart to darkness. It has left our bravest exposed and without even the protection and scrubs necessary for their profession. We are beginning to see just how much “independence” is yet another myth. We are absolutely dependent upon each other, our goodness, our cheer, our words, a food parcel here, a message of support there. One who reads to another. And whilst one writes, yet another drums into the twilight, that the healing may resonate in our souls. The animals must be wondering what is wrong as they look upon us, masked and suddenly so fragile, slipping along pathways like ghosts.

    The process of rethinking has begun. Here, living on a narrowboat, I’ve been lucky to begin working with an online permaculture group. These are wonderful people. They build gardens for others. They help us nurture and grow our soil. They teach us how to work with different kinds of land. They help us to place resilience, rather than financial gain, at the center of our projects. There is so much we can do, and this is beginning. I am heartened that this will be a turning point, that the vainglorious projects of insecure nations will be seen for what they are. The “victory garden” is becoming a symbol of what we should have been doing long ago. Live small, tread lightly, grow our own food to look after those we love, and share our excess with others and give back to the land that offers us her goodness.

    For those who know the archaeology – the Doggerlands knew this transition, those who lived on the Solent, so too the Mesolithic island communities on the west coast of Scotland, or further from these shores, those who inhabited the Morbihan in Bretagne. We will have reason to revisit the worlds of our ancestors, less for their megaliths or the invention of farming, more to do with how they evolved as the ice retreated and a vast global warming event transformed the lands upon which they walked.

    Thank you again for your words. They resonate deeply as I sit here, looking out over the boats that rock gently in the marina, on this bright morning.

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