Bridge Rabbit

You could not take our bridge
could not leave our portal way.
You were caught,
held between the worlds
not quite to your threshold,
brave rabbit
brave, brave rabbit
trusting one would come
setting you free to make your way
to keep your path
eastwards along the running stream
toward the sea.

Are you the one
who introducing has another
errand still along the way?
Another soul to gather
to go and journey with you?

One who does not know
or knows too deeply for the telling
the crossing awaits her
in the night
stealing swiftly claiming
and in the lifting out
frees hearts and longings
to their promised life?

Are you the sign?
Did you come
and die
and leave
to let me know?
To warn me?

Whether or not,
you are freed.
You go,
Bright Ears,
jump scamper hop
into your glory,
the wonder 
of your splendorous self.

An Early Reckoning

What will it mean
to find
my only truest self
amid the rubble of all the false selves
others tried to frame about me
making my safe
denying distancing disfiguring?

What will it mean
to see my soul
in the clear and dazzling light
of truths
daring the edges of my
compassing charting comprehending?

What will it mean
to claim my spirit
to feel reoccurring ancient bonds
to sense renewing wide connections
to experience returning deep union
all the while
grateful humble glad
before the
enduring powers
living luring loving?

They came to me, the words rushing from my soul. 
They came to me, the stories tumbling through my spirit.
They came to me, the memories rending my heart.